Your Happily Ever After Is Finally Here

This training is a life-changing course designed to show you how to attract and choose the right MAN for long-lasting love!

You've Been Trying To Piece Together Ways To Get A Man To Commit Long Enough

Many women make this one big mistake when it comes to attracting the right man that will love them fully and commit.

  • Besides not knowing how to choose a man properly step-by-step...

  • They don't address the burning problem that their making in choosing a man to begin with...

  • And as soon as they make that mistake, their picture perfect man decides that they don't want a commitment with them...

  • Then move onto the next non-commitment minded man quicker than ever before.

How Amazing Would It Be To Stop Dating Game Players & Time Wasters

How would your life be different if you could:

  • CONFIDENTLY attract a MAN who wants marriage and family...

  • KNOWING exactly what happened in previous relationships and who to give your time, attention and heart to...

  • EASILY spot the men who come to waste your previous time and break your heart...

  • RECEIVE the gift of love and commitment!

All Inside Just For You

Each module includes 10 audio/visual lessons along with downloadable worksheets for on the go learning.

  • Module One - Uncover Who You Are vs. Who Is Showing Up

    By learning what you absolutely can not compromise on in relationships to be your authentic self which creates a space for a genuine connection. These realistic lessons will uncover what your past relationships have incorrectly taught you about love and what you actually bring to potential partners.

  • Module Two - Discover What You Want & Why You Haven't Been Able to Attain It

    Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to expert advice on why you are attracting the wrong men. Go step-by-step until you fully understand every piece of the puzzle. I will show you how to spot the wrong men and the true cost of entering into these dead-end relationships for good.

  • Module Three & Four - Attract A Worthy Partner

    Explore the instantly effective way to attract and communicate with high-quality men without compromising your values. Naturally, enhance your essence to become a love magnet for men who are commitment-minded. Learn how to decode the man "code" and decipher true providers and protectors. You'll also learn the characteristics of positive masculinity and the role money and sexual attraction play long term.

Also Included 4 Additional Bonuses

Learning how to choose a man is a lot easier with proven strategies that work. Included in The Vetting Before Wedding System:

  • Bonus #1 Self Care Tracker

    This is where you hold yourself accountable for all your self-care needs.

  • Bonus #2 & #3 Biblical Scripture Stude Guide/Spiritual Journal

    Follow along in your Bible with over 100 scriptures with additional space to add new ones. Also included is your Spiritual Journal where you can keep track of your progress as you learn new strategies in this life-changing course. All digital downloads where you can add and edit your insightful and inspirational knowledge.

  • Bonus #4 The Dating Dollars Spreadsheet

    Inside this bonus, I will show you the specific ways liabilities and assets play a pivotal role in attracting and choosing a partner. Once you know the secret key to time wasters, you will be steps closer to your MAN.

More, More, More!

The course is extensive and will prepare you for the fulfilling life of love and commitment you deserve.

  • 6 - Week Online Course - The Vetting Before Wedding System

  • 90 Day Ready For Love Workbook (over 40 downloads)

  • Private Access To Facebook Group

Payment Options

Two convenient payment options to get you started immediately with this life-changing program:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Do The Work - Risk Free Money Back Program

I get it.  I'm a woman just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product.  You don't want to waste your money on something you could have found for free on Google or YouTube.  Neither do I.  

I'm super excited and proud of the products I've been blessed to create.  I believe anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be pleased with their purchase.  Just as many other women who after taking this course are.

That's why I'm offering a 30-day "Do The Work" money-back guarantee.  While I can't guarantee that you will get proposed to our married, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the course, templates, and training inside The Vetting Before Wedding System, plus the immense time and heartbreak this course will save you.

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